Name: Marvin L. Wright
In my service to Northwest Professional Color I enjoyed the challenging role of Graphics Director..


In my 21 years of tenure with Northwest Professional Color I have been involved with the growth from a mom and pop photographic laboratory to a national industry leader in the professional photographic industry.


- My role was to communicate with customers, staff, printing companies, Professional Photographers of America (PPA) both state and national organizations, provide them with information and promotions about the company, new products, and educational programs for continuing education.


- At NPC we work as a team to develop and practice the written and verbal communication skills needed to effectively market the company to potential customers who may be interested. I produced e-mails and made phone calls to secure marketing in various magazines, trade journals, posters, and peripheral handouts and prepared marketing proposals for the owners and team members. I recognise that maintaining a respected company requires extremely high levels of teamwork.p


- A strong work ethic has provided a high standard for attendance, abilities, and longevity with NPC and the industry.


I greatly improved my verbal communication and marketing skills, my written communication skills, my team-work and organizational skills. I think that in order to achieve better results in the future, I need to further develop my web based marketing skills. I am going to seek out a university or a technical course on furthering my skills.


I have always been a team player and developed a positive attitude when having my advertising and marketing material critiqued for communication effectiveness and overall design. I am involved in monthly Sales and Marketing meetings to improve our ultimate goal, to grow the company and maintain happy customers.


On any given day my duties change, whether it's because we wish to advertise in an additional publications or a professional group of photographers need our support, or sales personal need marketing efforts directed to specific needs. I support our sales staff, customer service personal, and production specialists with knowledge and materials needed to provide products and services so all involved can be successful.

Software Abilities

Design & Publishing



Portfolio & Samples Available Apon Request





My resume is available for your review, by request.


ADDRESS 3401 Par Street NW - Fargo, ND

PHONE 218.329.3955